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About The School

> To create an atmosphere where there is mutual love and respect among the students and teachers.
> To mould and nurture the young children into useful and responsible citizens.
> To instill in children true love for Indian Culture, Civilization and Moral values while learning to use modern technical innovations.
> To create an egalitarian society where everyone is treated as equal without caste, creed or religion.
> To educate children about the dignity of labour.
> To educate children about the need to preserve the environment.
> To inculcate in the children the urge to help those who are less privileged.
> To encourage children to hold fast to the basic values of life handed down to us by our forefathers.

The academic year is from April to March. Being an English Medium School, English is a compulsory subject. Apart from English, Hindi is taught as a compulsory language. Additional language is taught from Std. V till Std. VII as per the new educational policy of the Govt. of India.
The school caters to ICSE/CBSE Curriculum.
The school tries to incorporate as many skills as possible in children. Activities like Drawing and Painting, Essay Writing, Elocution, Debate, Quiz, Sports, Music and Drama are already a part of our curriculum.
Computer education is a part of the regular curriculum and starts from Std.I. A wellstocked computer lab caters to the need of the children.
Students are trained to become leaders. Every child is given an opportunity to develop himself/ herself using his/her potential to the maximum. They get a chance to organize and present various projects and programmes. Children are taught good values using value education classes. (ie. the moral science classes)
Tecahers are given enough chances to train themselves and attend different training programmes throughout the year. Continuous evaluation helps them to improve themselves.
Co-curricular Activities
In modern Education, co-curricular activities play an important role. A particular feature of these activities is that the students from lower classes onwards learn under the supervision and guidance of the teachers to do things for themselves. Encourage your children to take part in these activities.

Sports Programme
The Athletic programmes invite the participation of all the students since we believe that keen competition on the playing fields tends to develop a corporate spirit, striving for excellence and other qualities of mind and heart and character most needed for future leaders. The sports programme, though a part of the co-curricular activities, deserve comment in itself. Athletics are encouraged at every level.
Intramural sports are highly emphasized. Each student during the first year in the school, is assigned to one of the four houses blue, green, red, yellow. When needed in the various activities, he/she is expected to respond to the call of the captain to represent the team in whatever activity or sport he/she  is invited to.
withdrawal of children
It is suggested that children are withdrawn only at the end of an Academic Session. However, a parent may withdraw his/her ward in mid-session if the situation so warrants. In that case, fees for the full academic session has to be cleared at the time of taking the Transfer Certificate. (no duplicate transfer certificate shall be issued.)